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Gabriele Howard

“Without a doubt, my remarkable journey through I•▲M Her Now was and still IS filled with long-lasting transformation and massive breakthroughs. Being in Jenna’s world means stepping into CONFIDENCE and EMPOWERMENT, getting clear on my vibrant vision and truly seeing the blessing in what I might consider my weaknesses or shadows. Creating continuous and expansive space for my vision by surrounding myself with what truly serves me, including people that lift me up, is continuous work and I still can hear her words and questions.

Jenna looks at every detail in my life and aligns it with my vision. She has taught me about stepping into my sassy feminine which is priceless and so needed as a busy career woman who is always on the go and in the DO-mode.

I recently created a program called turning “Fear into Confidence,” and the inspiration and empowerment came from IAMHERNOW!“

Christina Burton

“I•▲M Her Now enlightened me to realize I am already the woman I dreamed of being. Jenna and her INCREDIBLE team encouraged us to break down our blocks, go deeper in listening, learning & self-growing. Investing in my best self is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. This experience got me through one of the hardest, most devastating times of my life. November 2018, I drove my kids through blistering hot flames to escape a burning town we loved and spent 15 years building an empire in. I•▲M Her Now lovingly lead, inspired, healed & elevated me through a time which started out dark, confusing & not knowing how I would move forward, to a time of hope, new positive outlooks & a brighter future. I•▲M Her Now opened my heart and spirit to a new mindset, new possibilities, amazing connections & honestly a whole new, stronger, more confident ME.

Thank you, Jenna, for inspiring me to only do what I love, to serve others and to be unapologetically ME!“

Nada Nabulsi

“I can only express it as a releasing of blocks and an elevation of soul. I•▲M Her Now takes you on a journey to reveal the most honest and vulnerable expressions of yourself. You practice new tools, gain insight and wisdom, dig deeper than ever and face the things you most resist. Little by little those blocks you built up fade away. What you unapologetically request of yourself and for yourself start to become reality. I am beyond grateful for Jenna, Torey and all those beautiful women who supported me along the way. Who am I? I am a confident, powerful and connected woman. I•▲M Her Now and I choose her every single day!”

Amber Valdez

“If you desire a life where you can have it all without having to sacrifice, there is no one better to be mentored by than Jenna.”