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A Sacred Container With Coaching & Guidance From Me Each Monday At The Fraction At The Cost Of My 1-on-1 Work

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We meet every Monday at 11 am CST for a live,
community transmission so you can…

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What Members Are Saying About

Miracle Monday

“Without a doubt, my remarkable journey through I•▲M Her Now was and still IS filled with long-lasting transformation and massive breakthroughs. Being in Jenna’s world means stepping into CONFIDENCE and EMPOWERMENT, getting clear on my vibrant vision and truly seeing the blessing in…
“I•▲M Her Now enlightened me to realize I am already the woman I dreamed of being. Jenna and her INCREDIBLE team encouraged us to break down our blocks, go deeper in listening, learning & self-growing. Investing in my best self is one of…
"I can only express it as a releasing of blocks and an elevation of soul. I•▲M Her Now takes you on a journey to reveal the most honest and vulnerable expressions of yourself. You practice new tools, gain insight and wisdom, dig deeper…
“If you desire a life where you can have it all without having to sacrifice, there is no one better to be mentored by than Jenna.”
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