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Quit letting scarcity rob you of all that you deserve.

Get my free Inner Abundance Method guide so you can start having true abundance in all areas of your life!

    If you’re a driven and ambitious woman

    (and especially if you’re conscious and results-driven)

    You already know how difficult yet critical it is to have work/life balance so you can achieve massive success in your business without sacrificing your lifestyle, health, and personal relationships.

    The juggle is real.

    Maybe you’ve had momentum and success in one or two areas, but you know you are neglecting other major areas of your life and find yourself hitting a threshold or limit…

    Hi, I’m Jenna!

    I help ambitious, powerful and conscious women get unstuck and break through their ceiling so they can have it all without having to do it all.

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    What These Queens Say

    “She’s one of those very special and very rare humans who does what she says she’s gonna do, who lives the life she says she lives and is completely in integrity with who she is.”

    -Alexi Panos

    Impact Entrepreneur, Author & Thought Leader

    “The way that she’s able to evoke transformation in people is something that is truly a gift that I have seen out of almost any coach because she’s actually connected to who you are as an individual.”

    -Dr. Jen Esquer

    Founder of The Mobility Method, fitness model, trainer and physical therapist

    “She has such a gift of just seeing the power in you and expressing it to you, and I always felt so incredible around her. Jenna inspired me to start my own business, really own my voice and own my power. I joined ALA for emotional intelligence. To say that working with Jenna in that capacity changed my life would be such an understatement.”

    -Valeri Adams

    Dating Mindset Coach

    “If you’re tired of being stuck in a place that you’re ready to go out of, Jenna is the one that will help you navigate that. She holds authenticity, and she gives you permission to be your authentic self without judgment.”

    -Seanna Walker

    “Jenna not only supported me in finding my purpose but really owning the impact that I got to create. As of 5 years ago, I was in massive debt, I was in breakdown in my relationships. Today, I have tripled my income and I’m now living my purpose. If it wasn’t for Jenna Phillips-Ballard, I wouldn’t know how to be truly aligned with my purpose and my vision in life.”

    -Torey Wolford

    Leadership Trainer and Leadership Director at Ascension Leadership Academy

    “She knows how to get in there and figure out exactly what from your past is holding you back, help you heal that so you can move on and completely thrive in your life.”

    -Natalie Jill Hollan

    Motivational speaker, author, host of “Leveling Up” podcast and personal development coach

    “If I had a million minutes, I could say a million things about how she has impacted and changed my life. Before I met Jenna, I was crushing life, and I didn’t know that what I knew to be true about me wasn’t true. Jenna helped me see how burnt out I was on the inside and feeling guilty about my success. She helped me and my entire family heal, and we got to level up. She transformed my entire family.”

    -Lori Taylor

    Marketing Strategist and Social Media Marketing Expert

    “I’ve known Jenna Phillips-Ballard for about three years now, and what I can say about her is that she’s remarkably consistent… I think that anybody that has the opportunity to work with her, especially on a one-on-one or small group basis, would be incredibly blessed.”

    -Eden Slobin

    “I have been working with Jenna for over a year and she is such a magical unicorn of a human! I don’t know where I would be without her support. She has helped me break through my money stories, also within my business, and literally guide me to manifesting the life of my dreams.”

    -Ashley Spedale

    Spiritual Branding Mentor

    “Jenna Phillips-Ballard is one of the most powerful female coaches that I have experienced to date. She really has been a major catalyst for my personal growth. Jenna is insanely powerful, and she will stand for nothing less than your best.”

    -Ashley Hannawacker

    Branding and Marketing Strategist

    “Jenna is 150% authentic, and that is what I love about her, and I think that is what leadership is about. I cannot recommend Jenna enough. She’s absolutely going to change your life!”

    -Angie Lee

    Social Media Marketing Expert and Host of “The Angie Lee Show”

    “If you desire a life where you can have it all without having to sacrifice, there is no one better to be mentored by than Jenna.”

    -Amber Valdez

    Spiritual Entrepreneur

    It’s Time For You To Have It All.

    Break through your threshold and
    limitations so you can RISE

    Create healthy boundaries
    and work/life harmony

    Build the team and receive the
    support you are so worthy of

    Scale your business, get more clients
    and make a massive impact

    Unlock and access the magic
    hiding inside of you

    Live a life of purpose, clarity, abundance,
    ease and grace

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